Eric is a great trainer, really good at keeping you accountable and really has a way about him that keeps you going. great nutrition advice and amazing lessons. Highly recommended!

Hannah Rosmon

Results-based training like no other! Must CHECK this place out!!


#BestPersonalTrainerEver!! Eric was my personal trainer for 3 months. He definitely delivered results. I lost 10% body fat and learned a lot through him. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He cares about your goals and is 100% committed helping you reach them.

Kimberly Castillo

If you are looking for a personal trainer Eric Valdez is your guy. I been training with Eric Valdez for over a year, He makes the workouts fun and challenging. He also taught me kickboxing which I love! He is very patient, motivational and very supportive. He has also trained my 9 year old nephew with kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and boxing, he loved it! Contact Eric Valdez and start your workout with him, You won’t regret it!

Theresa Merino

Eric is an awesome professional trainer! I trained with Eric for over a year and saw instant results. He focuses a lot on your goals, he is determined, motivating, and overall an inspiration. He knows your weak and your high points and will build a stronger you! I enjoyed every session because he brought the best in me and new ideas every time. I was the type of person that didn’t exercise, didn’t eat right and now I thank him for being the inspiration behind my journey of remaining a healthy fit lifestyle.

If you are looking for someone to help achieve your lifetime goals of becoming fit and living a healthy lifestyle then he is the one! Thank you Eric!!

Jessica Barrera

I’ve been training with Eric for over a year and half now and i feel stronger and more focused than ever before. Great trainer. Always professional. Flexible with my schedule. Helps hold you accountable. I can’t say more good things about my experience with Mr. Valdez. Would recommend him to anyone looking to better their physical self. ?

Keri Dickerson

Eric is truly a superstar trainer. I grew up rarely working out, was not an athlete (despite the assumption when people seem my height and body type), and as an young adult, I spent/spend much of my social life drinking &going out with friends and not taking care of my physical health. Having Eric as a trainer, honestly changed me for the better (mentally and physically). He embodies the confidence and experience of a top notch coach and I truly appreciate him for pushing me to be the best I could and having high standards. I highly recommend him if you want to see results but also be challenged. There was never a session that was easy, but if you put in the work he won’t disappoint with the direction you’ll head in.

James Beeks

Eric Valdez is the best personally trainer I’ve ever had. He really teaches you great technique and gives you just the right amount of motivation to push yourself. He practices what he preaches which makes it believable to follow his instructions. I highly recommend him.

Ike Ogbaa

Eric is definitely the best trainer in Houston hands down. He is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s is very helpful at answering all questions I may have regarding workouts.

Celia Padilla

Top notch trainer- He’s an amazing and very professional trainer. He takes his job very seriously. Always motivating me to do better and push myself harder-never a chance to get bored with Eric. He will get you in amazing shape! If you are serious about getting in shape, Eric s your guy!

Anthony Gosselin

Eric is an amazing trainer, his very patient with you. He doesn’t give up on you even when you give up, he pushes you till the work out is done. BEST TRAINER!!!

Ana Alvarado
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